Aldrich Advanced Academy

Boys & Girls Camp Ages 11-18

Click Here to Register– Deadline May 15

Click Here to Register– Deadline May 15

Aldrich Academy is an advanced soccer camp that works to further develop players’ technical skills, positional understanding, and game tactical awareness. Led by former division 1 soccer player Lauren Aldrich, sessions will reflect a top-level collegiate training – there are no empty reps, everything a player does is with a purpose and once a skill is mastered it is practiced at game-speed.  This camp is being offered by Crossroads Soccer.

Each day will have three sessions, a technical session, positional session and game-play. 

Session 1: Technical Training

  • First-touch, passing, dribbling, trapping, striking the ball and body positioning.

Main Goal: To improve players’ ability to maintain possession of the ball.

Session 2: Positional Training

Positions: forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers

Group 1 Forwards

    • Dynamic runs, Crossing (end line vs. early cross) and different types of finishing.

Group 2 Midfielders

    • Supporting runs (checking into space), checking shoulders, producing a quality final ball and combination play.

Group 3 Defenders

    • Fundamentals of defending (1v1, 2v1), back-line shape, building out of the back, and taking balls out of the air.

Group 4 Goalkeepers

    • Catching, diving, distribution of the ball and reaction saves.

Session 3: Game-Play

  • Players will implement what they learned in earlier sessions in a competitive game-setting.


Players can expect the atmosphere at Aldrich Academy to be energetic, competitive, and fun. Coach Lauren and the rest of the carefully hand-picked coaching staff will be active participants in sessions by demonstrating skills, teaching concepts and providing individual feedback. If you’re a player who wants to improve your soccer skills, get the most out of training and take your game to the next level, Aldrich Advanced Academy is for you.

Click Here to Register– Deadline May 15

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Questions? Contact Lauren Aldrich at or 413.437.4498.


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