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From its inception in 1994, Crossroads Soccer Association (CSA) has proudly served over 25,00 families in the Central Louisiana. In annually serving 1,000+ members, theri families and the CENLA community, CSA utilizes volunteers and paid staff to provide soccer development, community outreach, and fitness education opportunities to as many youth as possible. Integral to CSA's success is the community partnerships and corporate sponsorships that allow it to add and improve events, programming, and the quality and number of staff.

The Mission



CSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational and community outreach organization whose mission is dedicated to using soccer in the CENLA community to foster athletic development, personal growth, individual worth, discipline, teamwork, leadership, and sponsorship in a positive, recreational and competitive environment.


The Vision. The Value 




To be a full-service soccer organization by providing superior coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and playing opportunities for all ages and playing levels regardless of income or ability - big players, little players, tall players, short players, younger players, older players, players who want to play for one season, players who want to play for 20 seasons, players who play strictly for fun and players who want to compete at the highest level possible.

To be a integral community leader by being visibly present in the CENLA community with school programs, free clinics, and fundraising opportunities for local teams, and by investing in the fitness, education, and the overall physical, social and mental development of CENLA's youth, especially in undeserved populations.

To be a fiscally responsible non-profit that provides value to its members, partners & sponsors by: developing quality programming, events & outreach; fostering community interactions, relationships & support; cultivating corporate partnerships & funding; and providing an overall top-quality experience that generates sufficent revenue to player costs low and allow continual expansion of services and staff in order to better serve our members and their community.

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